Magic Letter

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Just pretend that this letter is sort of magic. You don’t have to be aware of how it’s magic. Just pretend that you’re reading a magic letter. In a moment you’ll find out how it works.

You might find yourself rolling your eyes and thinking you’re too old and too smart for magic letters, but the more you read, the more you might wish this letter really is magic.

If you’re still reading, you might even laugh a little at how stupid this sounds. You don’t have to believe in magic to pretend you’re reading a magic letter, though, do you? If you want to pretend you can. No one can stop you.

If this really were a magic letter it would grant your wishes, wouldn’t it? Like a genie in a bottle. You’d read the letter and your wishes would come true. You can pretend, anyway, just for a little while.

A real magic letter would probably tell you to close your eyes and make three wishes. But this is a different kind of magic letter. This magic letter gives you only one wish, and it has to be a wish for someone else. Its magic won’t work for you. It’s a kind of karma magic, not genie magic.

Still, magic’s kind of neat, and you probably wouldn’t want to waste a wish, even if the wish is for someone else. Why not make somebody else’s day, right?

One other thing: the wish has to be something that actually helps that person or makes them happy somehow. Wishing ill on someone won’t do any good.

If this were a real magic letter, here’s how you’d activate the magic powers:

  1. You’d have to say the name of the person you’re wishing for out loud. At least whisper.
  2. You’d have to close your eyes and picture that person in your mind. Right in front of you.
  3. You’d have to speak your wish for them out loud.

There’s one more thing, too. You have to repeat those three steps every day for three days. If this were really a magic letter, the wish would eventually come true, would it not? You can test it and see. You make a wish and start to feel better about that person, too.

If this were really a magic letter, the wish would eventually come true, would it not? You can test it and see. You make a wish and start to feel better about that person, too.

And even if this letter isn’t magic in that way, you’ve made a wish for someone. It took you only a few seconds total, and you did something nice for someone even if they never know about it. You should feel good about yourself.

What if there was even better news?

If you get a magic letter, you can bet other people get them, too. And if enough people get these magic letters, someone’s bound to make a wish for you. Someone somewhere will say your name, close their eyes, imagine your face in their mind, and make a wish that something great happens for you.

The more people get these letters, the more likely someone’s wishing good for you. Someone could be making a wish for you right now. And if someone’s wishing good for you, you might have a great day tomorrow, right?

You’re probably thinking there’s another catch. In a movie, you know that catch would go something like this: the other person’s wish for you won’t come true unless you’ve made a wish for somebody else.

This letter didn’t say anything about that, though. Maybe it’s true. You’re free to believe either way.

When you get to this part of the letter, you might start to feel good about the positive changes you’ve already made in our life. That’s a kind of magic, too, isn’t it. You don’t have to believe in magic for the magic to work on you, do you?

Congratulations for reading this far. You’re on your way to something good happening. Not all good, maybe, but some good. It’s just the way magic letters work.