Make Jake Tapper Great Again

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I am making an honest man out of Jake Tapper. This twitter thread tells it all.

The controversy began when Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for calling terrorist bombings in New Jersey and New York “bombs.” But in the same interview, Hillary called the bombings “bombing,” making her look like an idiot.

Well, Jake Tapper edited out Hillary’s use of the word “bombing” to protect her from herself. If Tapper were the campaign’s video editor, I’d say great. But Tapper pretends to be a fair and honest reporter covering the story wherever it might lead. So Tapper lied to his viewers.

But Tapper is redeemable. 

Unlike Hillary Rotten Clinton, I try not to write people off. I’ve always liked Jake’s presentation style, and he strikes me as a nice person. I’d like to meet him someday. I think Jake’s redeemable, even if he did something deplorable.

And Tapper is probably suffering from emotional conflict over his dishonest reporting. Why else would he feel compelled to punch down at me on Twitter? I have about 5400 brilliant followers (and growing every day). Tapper has 10 times that number (but I’m catching up).

When guys like Tapper punch down, it’s because I tweaked a nerve. I exposed a dishonest act by a man who wants to be honest.

So I’m just trying to make Jake great again. Trying to make an honest man out of him.

When he realizes that Trump supporters believe everyone is redeemable, he will probably return to honest reporting. I am proud that I had a hand in making Jake Tapper a better person, as did all the great people who retweeted that thread. We’re doing good works.

Since I’m being such a good guy, maybe you should buy my book about Trump.