If you want Mike Lee on the Supreme Court, you have to vote for Roy Blunt

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I’ll make this short. I have been highly critical of Senator Roy Blunt for a long time. You can search my blog and find many things that bother me about the Blunts, but that’s not what this is about.

This post is about whether the US Constitution survives.

This post is about whether that government of the people, by the people, and for the people will perish from the earth.

This post is about saving the damn country, and I won’t let my positions stand before that overriding great interest.

The Supreme Court and Survival of the Constitution

Antonin Scalia is dead. At best, the Supreme Court is split 4-4. The person who replaces Scalia will tip the balance one way or the other.

If the balance tips toward the left, our future will become very dim. A 5-4 leftist majority will literally rule the Constitution out of existence. That court would find new “rights” that enslave people. (The right to healthcare means people can be impressed into service as a doctor or nurse. A right to education means people can be forced against their will to teach.)

That leftist majority would discover amazing new limits on freedom of speech and assembly. It will find tight restrictions on Christianity and Judaism.

That leftist majority would find a new meaning for the 2nd Amendment. This new meaning will give governments the power to enter your home and seize your weapons. Because that’s the power government wants.

Justice Mike Lee

Like Ted Cruz, I want to see Senator Mike Lee in that seat. Mike Lee or someone like him. Yesterday, Trump added Senator Lee to his proposed list of Supreme Court nominees, as reported by Breitbart:

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who currently serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee and clerked for Justice Samuel Alito, is one of the newly added names.

In May, Trump released a list of possible justices he would use to fill the current vacancy due to Justice Scalia’s death in February.

The initial list was described by Breitbart News legal editor Ken Klukowski as a “conservative goldmine.”

Later that day, Senator Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump. In his endorsement, Cruz cited Mike Lee’s possible SCOTUS appointment as a key reason for supporting Trump:

For some time, I have been seeking greater specificity on this issue, and today the Trump campaign provided that, releasing a very strong list of potential Supreme Court nominees — including Sen. Mike Lee, who would make an extraordinary justice — and making an explicit commitment to nominate only from that list. This commitment matters, and it provides a serious reason for voters to choose to support Trump.

Two things must happen for Justice Lee to become a reality:

  1. Trump must win.
  2. Republicans must retain the Senate.

I Endorse Roy Blunt

So I am voting for Senator Blunt, and I pray you do, too. I’m voting for Blunt for the same reasons Ted Cruz is voting for Donald Trump. If Trump wins, he can’t do any good, including choosing a Supreme Court nominee, without a strong Senate majority. If Trump doesn’t win, we’ll need the strongest possible Republican Senate. Either way, it has to be Blunt.

I am not going to argue with anyone about Blunt’s strengths and weaknesses. Blunt’s Heritage Action score might dip into the 50s, but his opponent’s score would never rise above zero.  I’m looking at the lay of the land and, as General Patton, adapting principles to circumstances.