Trump’s Closing Statement Tonight

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If he asked me, here’s how I’d end the debate of the century.

First, I’d close off any open loops that arose during the debate. Then:

American children under 10 have never known a year with three-percent GDP growth. Americans under 40 have no memory real wages going up. And American people of every age, from infant to elderly, never knew a time of greater threat from foreign terrorist attack.

While my opponent’s wealth skyrocketed from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars by pedling influence, largely to foreign governments and mega banks, the lives of ordinary Americans declined by almost every measure. You might remember that her husband once talked about the people who “work hard and play by the rules.” Well, those rules changed, and no one told you. Those rules changed to give unfair advantage to their well-connect cronies who hover over Washington like buzzards, waiting for one of your tax dollars to drop.

I am running for President to give voice to you, the builders, the makers, and the silent American people. I am running for President because, in my lifetime, I have seen the greatest nation in history, the greatest hope for democracy and peace, pushed to the brink of collapse. I am running for President to restore the rules we all agreed to, the rules that have been covered over and pushed aside.

This push came from people I know–cynical people I know all too well. It would be fair to say I am not without some hand in this coarsening of America. Maybe that’s why I am working so hard now to fix the problem that I began to recognize long ago.

I told Oprah Winfrey in 1988 that I would only run for President if things got so bad. So bad. At the time, I never believed that would happen. But you know now that things are so bad.

While my opponent denies your pain, I want to heal it. While my opponent denies her hand in aggrivating your pain, I can see it. And so can you. While my opponent attacks my character and yours, I stand with YOU.

In the remaining days of this election, I hope, in a moment of reflection, you will ask yourself one simple question: if America remains on its current path, what kind of country will our children inherit? Will it be the shining city on  a hill that Ronald Reagan spoke of. Or will it be a Pottersville of greed, lust, violence, corruption, and decay?

I sincerely offer my remaining years on earth to restore that shining city on a hill, and I humbly ask for your vote on November eighth.

Thank you, and God bless you.