CNN Liars Slither to New All-Time Low as Politico Hits Rock Bottom

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CNN is so afraid people will find out they’ve been lied to that CNN is lying harder than ever.

It is perfectly legal to visit the website. You can even copy information found on the site.  Yet CNN’s paid liars are telling viewers it’s against the law. Plus, they’re saying the only way you are allowed to learn the content of the Wikileaks documents is to have it filtered through CNN’s official state-sponsored Department of Truth. Check out this damning video:

“It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning, you’re learning from us.”

Wow. Do you feel like a serf now, or what?

As horrible and dishonest as CNN is, Politico is even worse. Politico’s Glenn Thrush admitted that he considers himself a political “hack.” He let’s Hillary’s campaign edit his stories before publishing. Via Zero Hedge:


You can expect to hear all kinds of media people tell you that this is standard–to run stories by subjects for comment or correction. It is a professional courtesy.

And it’s 100% pure pasture-grade bullshit. 

I may not be famous like John Podesta, but I’ve been written up in newspapers and magazines plenty of times. Never has a reporter run anything past me. Never. Not once.

And if @GlennThrush’s action was commonplace, why would he admonish John Podesta “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this?” Huh?

I have told people “please don’t tell anyone I did this,” too. Nothing that I’m proud of. We ask for secrecy when we’re doing something we know is WRONG!

If you still think your opinion of Donald Trump is based on truth, you might want to re-read this post from the top. Maybe you should ask someone you really trust to read it to you. Explain it, even.

The press has been lying about Trump for a year. They’ve been lying about Hillary for decades. While Trump has some obvious flaws, he loves America and he wants to make it great for people like you and me. You probably know that elites have been eating out our subsistence for years. Trump wants to drag them away from the trough.

Hillary, on the other hand, is a wicked, nasty witch. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how the FBI confirmed that Hillary Clinton is a disgusting beast.