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  • Paul Ryan’s Spokesperson Renounces Support for Antifa

    It was probably a coincidence. One day after Hennessy’s View reported Speaker Paul “Dumbbell” Ryan as a member of the Antifa caliphate support team, Speaker Ryan’s office renounced his membership in the terrorist group’s fan club. As reported by The Gateway Pundit: Social media was set ablaze after Paul Ryan attacked President Trump for condemning […]

  • Who Can Stop the Antifa Caliphate?

    Yesterday, I explained the military strategy behind Antifa’s remarkable growth. In case you didn’t realize it, Antifa has effectively shut down grass roots conservative speech. You cannot hold a public rally, march, or carnival if your views conflict with Antifa’s. Antifa has established a small caliphate in North America. Just like ISIS did in Syria […]

  • A Military Strategist’s View of Antifa

    If equally matched, we can offer battle; if slightly inferior in numbers, we can avoid the enemy; if quite unequal, we can flee from him. If we wish to fight, the enemy can be forced to an engagement even though he be sheltered behind a high rampart and a deep ditch. All we need do […]

  • President Trump’s Only Failure

    You know this blog rarely criticizes President Trump. There’s a simple reason for that. That reason is the thousands of fraudulent journalists who create and repeat lies about President Trump every day. Like Jake “The Fake” Tapper. Those fake journalists don’t need my help. You also know that I have criticized President Bush, Republican candidates […]

  • Harvey vs. Trump

    Looks like Trump knows how to deal with natural disasters. Things could change. I’m sure the dishonest media will fake stories about minorities getting stiffed by FEMA. Total lies. But right now it looks like Trump knows how to handle disasters. My president

  • How the Statue Wars Will End

    You probably believe the narrative. Because that narrative is strong right now. It has become common knowledge. Common knowledge in the formal, game theory sense of the word. In game theory, common knowledge is something everyone knows everyone knows. And everyone know everyone knows. And everyone knows how everyone else will behave because of that […]

  • In 3 Minutes You’ll Be Able Fend Off Any Verbal Attack About Trump

    You probably don’t believe it. You’re probably reading just to argue. But three minutes from now, you’ll be armed. Armed and ready to do verbal combat. Armed and ready to defend your Trump vote. Armed and read to win any intellectual confrontation. Think it’s impossible? Keep reading. You’ll find out defending your vote for Trump […]

  • USS John S. McCain

    You kind of knew how the story would end. How the search for the 10 missing sailors would end. This morning, we began hearing about bodies discovered on board the McCain and in waters near the collision. I grieve for those families. The news breaks a lot of hearts. Especially the hearts of people with […]

  • “We Are Killing Terrorists”

    Elections have consequences. One consequence that we’ve all experienced: when you elect a street fighter, you get street fights. Another consequence that terrorists are experiencing: when you elect a street-fighter patriot, terrorists die. President Trump tonight reminded so many of us why we elected him. Because he’s a street fighter. Because he’s a patriot. Because […]

  • What Kind of Person Are You?

    This is one-question values study. It’s very revealing. Please take the survey, share your results, and encourage others to take it. The more people take this survey, the more accurate its results would be. I will not record any personal information. You can remain anonymous if you’d like. Please forward to friends. Compare your results.

  • Peace Through Violence: CNN’s Radical Chic Moment

    CNN screwed up. And it reminds me of an incident from 1970. A headline writer admitted that the Antifa terror group seeks “peace through violence.” Later, presumably after receiving threats from Antifa terrorists, CNN removed the “peace through violence” sub-head. But the damage was done. CNN stumbled onto real news. Real news that exposes Antifa’s […]

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