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  • Do We Deserve Freedom

    Do We Deserve Freedom?
    You probably know people who are concerned about a “surveillance state” developing. Maybe you’re one of them. I know I am.
    It’s a reasonable fear.
    Some police departments are using drones to spy on people …

  • The Only Covid Number That Matters

    Last week, I pointed out that the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus is a meaningless number. The media is all atwitter about it, but the media are mostly idiots. (Never trust a reporter.)
    Bloomberg now cites many “experts” who agree …

  • Bad Ideas That Coronavirus Might Finally Kill

    If you’re looking for a silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic, you don’t have to look far. Several bad ideas have become institutionalized in America in recent decades. These bad ideas have served the virus well, made it more deadly, an…

  • Coronavirus Isn’t Finally Important. This Is

    “Conservatism is the tacit acknowledgement that all that is finally important in human experience is behind us; that the crucial explorations have been undertaken, and that it is given to man to know what are the great truths that emerged from them.”

  • What To Do and Not To Do During the Lockdown

    Newspapers are lying to you. They’re feeding you ads pretending it’s news.
    The headlines are not only false, they’re dangerous. And wrong.
    The most common such lie goes like this: “Best Streaming Service For Shelter in Place&rdq…

  • Can We Be Grateful?

    When you hear “coronavirus” or “COVID-19,” you probably think of words like fear, disruption, recession, sick, death, inconvenient, and maybe even China.
    What if every time you hear “coronavirus,” you automatically t…

  • Spanish Flu vs. Coronavirus

    You might have heard mention of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 to 1919. Being the great-grandson of a doctor who came out of retirement to assist with St. Louis’s response to that epidemic, I thought I’d should share a little information …

  • Opportunity for Excellence

    Horses are prey to many species. Their behavior, their physiology, is that of a beast under constant threat from, usually, smaller, less beautiful organisms.
    Yet, wild horses capture our imaginations. Their grace and beauty, their power, and their gent…

  • Trump Was 5 Years Ahead of Coronavirus

    If the world has listened to Trump in 2015, the coronavirus pandemic might have happened, but it would have been a lot less severe. I say this with absolutely no fear of error.
    President Trump become an enemy of the left for just one policy proposal: c…

  • Should We Overreact?

    Several friends tell me we are overreacting to the Coronavirus pandemic. Others say we are too complacent. So, which is it?
    When dealing with an epidemic, we need to consider two things:
    Current numbers are not very useful. Effects are non-linear. Bewa…

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