• Voting vs Voter Fraud

    Democrat wordsmiths and media complex have been gaslighting the public in claiming there is no Voter Fraud, or at worst, very little. Yet day after day thinking people are bombarded with article after article describing (almost singularly Democratic) efforts at fraud. Indeed, it is true that the fraud is rarely in the voting booth. Therefore, […]

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Biblical Cudgel

    A commentary on this, the stupidest tweet of December 2018, which sadly, will be followed by an even stupider tweet… For all the anti-immigrant pundits uncomfortable with and denying that Christ’s family were refugees, too: — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) December 25, 2018 As seen on the Internet… She is a blithering, clueless idiot. I […]

  • Another Day; Another Fake News Confirmation

      President Trump has destroyed the credibility of the American left-wing ‘news’ cartel, and today we have yet another confirmation that it is nothing more than Fake News. The ‘Honorable’ Representative Maxine Waters in a psychotic tirade called on Democrats to publicly harass members of the Trump administration. Maxine Waters calls for attacks on Trump […]

  • Quick Net Neutrality Analogy

    In Illinois, there is a coal mine just inside Perry County. The mine loads and dispatches trucks to take the coal to a Mississippi river dock in Randolph county. Hundreds of trips per day are made between the coal mine and the river dock.Over the years, the roads have been worn tremendously with ruts and […]

  • The “Would You Rather” Game… DJT vs HRC

    Given that Trump or Hillary will win, here’s the “Would you rather” game… …Trump or Hillary version: Who would you rather give 5 acres of your own commercial real estate to for development? – Trump Who would you rather have negotiate w/ Iran for hostages and nuclear weapons? – Hillary already failed at that… …so […]

  • Transgender Bathroom Issue

    Following, the first widely publicized account of (what looks like) a pedophile using the transgender issue to enter a bathroom at Jason’s Deli to attack a young girl, I posted the article with the caption: According to you and your Dear Leader Obama, I should be arrested for denying this man’s civil right to go into […]

  • Special Invitation – Democrat National Convention

    Via e-mail… You are cordially invited to attend Democratic Convention Schedule Saturday, 27 August 2016 @ 11:15 AM Free lunch, medical marijuana, and bus ride to the Convention.  Forms distributed for Food Stamp enrollment. 2:30 PM Group Voter Registration for Undocumented Immigrants. 4:00 PM Opening Flag Burning Ceremony Sponsored by CNN 4:15 PM Address on […]

  • National Primary Your Congressman Day

    Not sure what day is “National Primary Your Congressman Day”, so we’ll make it today. At all levels of governance, if you believe your city, county, state, country are headed in the wrong direction, your jobs three: Find the name of the incumbents Educate your neighbors Vote them out in the Primary. …that is, if you still believe […]

  • Energy Plan – Reply From/To Governor Nixon

    The first letter below was sent from Governor Nixon in response to David Epps’s original letter voicing concerns about Missouri’s Energy Plans and the better option of GSHP.  The second letter below is David Epps’s response-to-the-response.   December 10, 2015 Mr. David Epps 406 E. Cape Rock Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-3202 Dear Mr. Epps: This […]

  • Letter To Jay Nixon – Failure Of Energy Plan

    From David Epps…   Governor, Your Comprehensive State Energy Plan took a terribly wrong approach! For home and business owners/renters It is not about sources and demands of electrical energy as the plan is written it is about sources and demands of heat energy Energy use in the US homes is all about BTUs (heat […]

  • Ed Martin: How Congress Lies To Us

    Below is an indictment of US House Republicans by a ‘Platform Republican’ like me for the games played when voting for the Boehner / Pelosi / MConnell / Obama budget deal. As you read the letter, remember these votes by the Republican contingent for Missouri. How did they vote when it was stoppable (when they should […]

  • Foundation For Applied Conservative Leadership Training – 11/21/15

    From Ike Skelton… Hello all, I’m writing you today to invite you to a particularly exciting conservative leadership training course I am hosting on Nov. 21st, 2015, at Mariners Pier 31 in Camdenton, Missouri. Like you, I have been involved in the liberty/Tea Party/conservative/grassroots WHATEVER you want to call it, movement, for several years. Probably […]

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