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  • Rigid vs Squishy

    The opposites of “rigid” are more unflattering than rigidity:
    lenient indulgent broken compromising easy imprecise indefinite inexact irresolute unfixed unreliable accommodating liberal permissive resigned soft-hearted
    And that’s th…

  • Last Post From Hennessy’s View

    Ten years of syndicating my blog Hennessy’s View on comes to an end with this post.
    If you’d like to continue receiving emails when I write, please subscribe to Hennessy’s View daily updates.
    Readers of the Tea Par…

  • Rosary Coast-to-Coast Gateway Arch October 13

    Join THOUSANDS of faithful Catholics just like you October 13, 2019, at 3:00 p.m.
    Pray for America and the Church.
    PLAN 2:30 PM: Opening prayers and sermons. 3:00 PM: The Glorious Mysteries 3:30 PM: Benediction and dismissal Now, read why we’re…

  • At Whom Is Bishop Barron Angry?

    I was gladdened to see Bishop Robert Barron’s tweets of anger about the Pew survey. Watch the attached video. (You will also be happy to hear the Pew survey didn’t shock the bishop.)
    I wish, though, his excellency had addressed the real cau…

  • St Lawrence of Rome

    Do you have a favorite saint?
    I try not to, but it’s hard to resist, isn’t it?
    It’s hard to resist the temptation to feel some strong pull of a saint. Which is why I feel compelled to write about St. Lawrence of Rome today, his feast …

  • Don’t Trust Father Don Draper

    This was one of my favorite episodes of Mad Men.
    The post-Vatican II Church epitomizes Don Draper’s very accurate definition of advertising. “Whatever you’re doing … it’s okay. You’re okay.”
    I’m Not Ok…

  • At Least They Go

    “Well,” said the priest, “at least they go.”
    By “go,” he was referring to Mass.
    By “they,” he meant the people who dress like tramps, talk and laugh through Mass, and know nothing about the Church’s…

  • Mass Killings Are the Fruit of Modernism

    Simple minds seek simple answers.
    A man kills innocents with a gun, and the simple mind blames the gun. When a dog sees an approaching shadow, he attacks his tail.
    Mass Killings Are Modernism In Action Modernism leads us to simple, but wrong, answers. …

  • Lousy Bishops

    (Disclosure: I am a traditional Catholic.)
    Did you know that for every person who enters the Catholic Church in America six leave? It looks like this:
    Incoming Catholics Outgoing Catholics 1 6 Why?
    Simple answers are often problematic, but on…

  • What About False Prophets (and Kooks)?

    A prophet is someone who has the gift of recognizing how current behaviors, beliefs, and trends will bring calamity in the future. Prophets tell us what not to do, and predict the dire consequences that will befall us if we don’t listen.
    And we d…

  • The Mueller Prophecy

    Let me begin by saying “I am sorry” to Robert Mueller and his family.
    I have been critical of Mr. Mueller and his sham “investigation.” I have been uncharitable to him. And I am sorry.
    It became clear today that Mr. Mue…

  • Why We Don’t Believe Prophets

    Q: What was the epitaph on the hypochondriac’s tombstone?
    A: “I told you I was sick!”
    I happened to see a Facebook post from the George Gilder today. The post announced why Gilder is coming out of retirement at age 79.
    (I rarely look…

  • Trump’s Tweets Trigger Word-Thinkers

    For a few weeks in June and July, Nancy Pelosi was doing a good job of isolating the Hate Squad. Pelosi realizes that the Hate Squad is bad for Democrats. She saw the Hate Squad growing in media attention, and she worked hard to stop that trend.
    Then, …

  • Please Subscribe Before Twitter Bans Me

    If you like reading this blog, please click the Subscribe link at the top. Enter your email address, and you’ll get one email a day at most.
    Twitter and Facebook and Google are trying to remove all conservatives from their social media platforms….

  • Do We Love The World?

    Should Christians love this world?
    A Catholic parish has, as part of its mission statement, “we love this world.”
    Does this bother anyone? Besides me, I mean.
    I Googled the whole phrase, and here are the top 5 results:
    Do Not Love the World…

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