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  • Yes, President Trump Will Win Re-election

    New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman today asked a rhetorical question: Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?
    The headline reflects the question he hears from his Democrat friends. They seem resigned to defeat. And the answer is: Y…

  • Easter and the Mueller Report

    I write this on Easter Sunday, 2019, and the secular world, particularly the anti-Christian secular world, is losing its mind again.
    This time, the left’s insanity arises from the final report of the special investigator, Robert Mueller, into all…

  • New Mass by the Numbers

    I prefer the Latin Mass of 1962 (and a thousand years before) for at least 12 reasons listed here. My last reason for loving the Latin Mass (which I failed to list in that blog post) seems important: how American Catholicism has changed since the incep…

  • Chelsea, Meet Stoicism

    Donald Trump’s triumph in the 2016 election drove Chelsea Handler into a depraved descent. Weed and depression. Psychiatrists. Broken.
    Not because of anything that happened to her. She didn’t lose her home. No one close to her died because …

  • Rex the Libertarian Tyrant

    I want to take over the world and leave everybody alone
    –Libertarian Motto
    Rex Sinquefield graduated from Bishop DuBourg High School and he’s supposedly something of a libertarian. That’s about all we have in common.
    Rex left St. Loui…

  • 12 Reasons I Love Latin Mass

    Lately, I’ve been going to Latin Mass instead of the new mass. Latin Mass feels like home to me. It feels like a call to holiness. Every detail of the Latin Mass has meaning, not just to me, but to everyone who’s studied scripture. The word…

  • What Could Be In Mueller Report

    Just a quick warning. On break from Lenten retreat, but this is bugging me.
    Many conservatives are celebrating the Mueller report even though they have no idea what it says.
    That’s dangerous, as I pointed out in my post on loving Rachel Maddow:

  • Why We Should Love Rachel Maddow Now

    God gives us so many opportunities to love our enemies. How often do we take him up on those offers?
    One of those opportunities to love came to us yesterday. Independent counsel Robert Mueller delivered to the Attorney General his final report on poten…

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