Jeremy Cady

  • Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri must work to fix a broken system

    The stunning results of the election show that voters are demanding change. People across the country feel like Washington has rigged the system against them — and they are right. On issues ranging from health care to the tax code, government policies are harming working Americans while enriching special interests. Missouri voters chose to send […]

  • Missouri workers won on Election Day

      Missouri workers have been denied that freedom for decades, and new leadership in Jefferson City can make sure the “right to work” becomes enshrined in our state law. Currently, all Missourians are required by law to pay union dues if they take a job at a unionized business. Regardless of whether workers agree with […]

  • Doctors Push Opioids on Patients

    Senator Claire McCaskill traveled the state last week to push for a Prescription Database Management Program. McCaskill wants the government to track your prescriptions because you cannot be trusted. McCaskill tells us a PDMP is a tool in fighting opioid addiction and abuse. To date, Missouri is the only state in the union to force […]

  • Ryan Johnson on Governor and Congressional Races

    What does the latest poll say about the gubernatorial race?
    How will the recent NRA endorsements come into play?
    How are some of our congressional races shaping up and what are their Heritage Foundation scores?

  • Upcoming Veto Override of Constitutional Carry

    Governor Jay Nixon revealed his priority with his veto of SB 656 – government over citizens. Besides the dangers of allowing the government to force citizens to ask permission from bureaucrats before practicing a Natural Right, we also have privacy concerns. As was mentioned in a previous article, Governor Nixon gave the concealed carry permit list to […]

  • Government is Still Tracking Your CCW Data

    Missourians support their 2nd Amendment rights. Many of them support constitutional carry. Representative Eric Burlison’s HB 1468, which creates constitutional carry in Missouri, was heard in the Senate after passing the House by a vote of 112 to 37. Constitutional carry allows any individual who may carry a firearm in the open to also carry […]

  • Ryan Johnson on Religious Freedom and Upcoming Rally

    Ryan Johnson joined Faune Riggin to discuss SJR 39 and how it protects the religious beliefs of Missourians. They also discussed tomorrow’s Rally for Religious Liberty at the State Capitol.

  • Standing Alone Against Higher Taxes

    SB 623, a bill designed to take advantage of lower gas prices to raise your taxes, was perfected in the Missouri Senate last week. During the Thursday press conference Senator Libla, sponsor of SB 623, mentioned the Missouri Alliance for Freedom was the ONLY group to oppose it. The quote from the Fulton Sun: “They […]

  • Results of the Attorney General Straw Poll

    The results of the Missouri Scorecard Attorney General Straw Poll are in. The poll began February 15 and ran through February 21. A total of 429 Missourians voted in the online straw poll casting their unofficial vote for their choice in the Attorney General’s Republican Primary Election. Kurt Schaefer came out on top with 218 votes, […]

  • Senator Doug Libla’s voters oppose his gas tax hike

    Jefferson City, MO – Missouri Alliance for Freedom issued the results of a poll measuring the opinions of voters’ in Senate District 25 on the issue of a gas tax increase. Senate District 25 is the home of State Senator Doug Libla. Senator Libla is the sponsor of SB623 which would raise Missouri’s gas tax […]

  • Johnson Discusses Ethics and the Gas Tax

    Ryan Johnson joins KSGF’s Nick Reed to discuss ethics legislation quickly moving through the General Assembly. Also moving this week is an increase in MIssouri’s gas tax with a committee hearing on Wednesday.

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