Paul Curtman

  • Rep. Paul Curtman responds to Obama’s new proposed regulations on lending

    An op-ed submitted to the Kansas City Star.   By decree of the Obama administration, Americans may soon face new regulations when it comes to lending and they could negatively impact Americans at all levels of the economic ladder.   Similar to an edict from a king, these regulations do not come from those elected […]

  • What Keeps Missouri’s Economy Lagging

    Last August I wrote a short piece on how both the republican and democrat political parties find common ground as it relates to tax relief, when they decide to pick winners and losers by offering tax relief to certain groups in the form of targeted tax credits.  Fortunately the republican party has at least offered […]

  • Cut to grow: tax cuts grow jobs and create a healthy economy

    Missouri republicans and democrats both agree: Income tax cuts foster economic growth. I know this might sound like a pretty bold statement considering that just last year the Missouri General Assembly was split along party lines when it came time to vote on Missouri’s first income tax cut (SB 509). In fact, the democrats made […]

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