• Why Is Jay Barnes So Angry?

    I’m sure you have some cosmic rationaleBut here you are with your faithAnd your Peter Pan adviceYou have no scars on your faceAnd you cannot handle pressureThe pressurePressure1, 2, 3, 4 Pressure!Read more: Billy Joel – Pressure Lyrics &#12…

  • Poll Your Missouri State Rep Now

    Simple mission: poll your Missouri State Rep. If you don’t know your rep, I’ll give you a link a little later. But hurry. Poll closes Friday, May 18 at 6:00 p.m. Here’s the single poll question: “As your constituent, I want to k…

  • Hard Advice for Many Friends

    “The [Johnson] Treatment” could last anywhere from ten minutes or four hours and it would come whenever and wherever Johnson might find a fellow Senator or politician within his radius. “Its tone could be and included supplication, accusation, cajolery, exuberance, scorn, tears, complaint and the hint of threat.” All of these elements together brought out the …

  • The Odyssey of Eric Greitens

    O Divine Poesy, goddess, daughter of Zeus, sustain for me this song of the various-minded man who, after he had plundered the innermost citadel of hallowed Troy, was made to stay grievously about the coasts of men, the sport of their customs, good and bad, while his heart, through all the sea-faring, ached with an […]

  • How Greitens Protected Privacy in Missouri

    Reading Time: 2 minutesAngry texts. I got a bunch of very angry texts this morning. My friends are fired up. Because of Governor Greitens’s executive order. An executive order that implements a novel approach to prescription drug databases.  In case you haven’t heard, Governor Greitens signed an executive order on July 17. The EO made Missouri the 50th […]

  • We Can Make Missouri More Like Illinois

    Reading Time: 3 minutesAdmit it, Missouri. You have Illini Envy.  We all grew up in the shadow of the Lincoln State. We grew up frustrated that the Black Hawks have won Stanley Cups while the Blues end every season in frustration. Everybody in the world knows where Chicago is. And that it’s in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. […]

  • How to Win Consistently

    Reading Time: 3 minutesIf your favorite player hits a home run or scores a goal, but your favorite team loses, what have you accomplished? If an athlete you despise makes a horrible error but the hated team he plays for wins the championship, how do you feel? In several races across Missouri, some people seem willing to lose […]

  • Our choice

    Last Tuesday Missourians voted in the 2016 Primary Election for Governor. 683,523 Missouri Republicans cast their ballot to select a nominee. Conversely 324,360 Democratic voters cast their ballots to do the same. Eric Greitens emerged from the Republican contest victorious, achieving 236,250 votes or 34.56% of the vote. His challenge is to earn the vote […]

  • The Strangest Governor Race Ever

    You might be wondering why the Missouri Farm Bureau endorsed Democrat Chris Koster instead of Republican Eric Greitens. The Farm Bureau endorses Republicans about 99% of the time. If you’re thinking it had to do with policy or personality, you’re thinking wrong. (And, no, it wasn’t because of Koster’s hair, Mark Reardon.) This was all about […]

  • Why I’m Voting for Eric Greitens

    This was supposed to be a longer post, so I’ll tell you why I’m voting for Eric Greitens in a minute. First, why I have to cut it short. I got home from door knocking for Eric at about 6:30 and walked straight to my laptop to write. Just as I sat down, my wife […]

  • 2016 Republican Primary Key Races

    Some people have a loud opinion on each and every Republican Primary race. I have a lot of opinions, but I like to focus on a few key races. Here are my major concerns for the 2016 Republican Primary on August 2.  

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