Crooked Hillary

  • Donna Brazile’s Corrupt Silent Partner

    Reading Time: 2 minutesSince its revelation in WikiLeaks two weeks ago, Donna Brazile has been justly excoriated for cheating on behalf of Hillary Clinton by passing along a debate question. However, an important aspect to this story has been overlooked. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Yes, Donna Brazile sent a critically beneficial piece of […]

  • Have Voters Priced In Clinton’s Criminality?

    Reading Time: 1 minutesYou never expect a candidate’s surrogates to tell you their candidate is a crook. But that’s exactly what Hillary’s surrogates are telling you now. From Bill Richardson to Robby Mook, Clinton surrogates are reciting a strange and disturbing talking point: Voters have “baked in” Clinton’s life of crime. [FLASHBACK: I gave James Comey the benefit […]

  • Obama Administration Revives Watergate—In Living Color!

    Reading Time: 2 minutesEveryone knows that the White House is interfering with the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s criminal conspiracies. We know this because the Justice Department is stonewalling the FBI’s request for a warrant to search the hard drive Huma Abedin shared with her ex-husband Anthony Weiner. For those of us too young to remember those black-and-white […]

  • BREAKING: FBI Report Confirms Hillary’s Guilty Mental Problems

    The FBI dumped its Clinton criminal investigation report today, and it’s full of bombshells. Bombs are exploding like the 4th of July, especially the way Clinton lied about Gen. Colin Powell. Clinton has maintained that Powell advised her to use a private email and cell phone instead of using secure systems provided by the US …

  • Convict Hillary

    A lot of people are mad at FBI Director James Comey. Comey read a list of crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, then announced he couldn’t recommend prosecution for those crimes. On its face, it sounds like Comey caved.

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