Donald J. Trump

  • Trump: Morning in America Part II

    When you hide the name and simply list accomplishments, any reasonable person would agree that Donald Trump has done more good for the country than any president in living memory. Economy African-America unemployment lowest  in history Hispanic unemployment lowest in history Female unemployment lowest in 18 years Stock market up 35% since election Manufacturing jobs …

  • Leadership.

    Reading Time: 1 minutesPresident Trump wins praise from all side for his strength, dignity, and leadership following the left’s rifle attack on Republican members of Congress. “We can all agree that we are blessed to be Americans.”

  • As You Watch, You Will Be Healed

    You probably never thought you’d see anything like this, but it just happened. What’s it like when a nation turns from strife to peace and healing? Watch this most amazing moment in politics, in history. You might find yourself tearing up when the Bishop wraps The Donald in a prayer shawl. Powerful. In my remarks …

  • How to Feel Safe from Terrorism

    Think about the word “news.” In a moment, I’m going to ask you more questions about the news. Before that, though, you probably heard about the terrible terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey. Dozens killed, scores injured. “It was like hell,” one witness recalled.

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  • Trump and the TSA

    Say what you want about Donald Trump, the customer service at his properties is insanely great. And The Donald personally sets the standard for that service. He also inspects it, and he has a sick level of attention to detail. Donald Trump doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to providing a perfect environment for his guests and residents.

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