• When does accountability begin?

    Original Post: When does accountability begin?.

    Leverage: don’t make deals without it. –Donald Trump, The Art of the Deal, 1987 It’s tempting to go Machiavellian during primaries. Even during general elections after primaries. But there’s a great danger for the grassroots. If we don’t hold candidates accountable during the race when we have all the leverage, how can we possibly hold…

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  • Special Invitation – Democrat National Convention

    Via e-mail… You are cordially invited to attend Democratic Convention Schedule Saturday, 27 August 2016 @ 11:15 AM Free lunch, medical marijuana, and bus ride to the Convention.  Forms distributed for Food Stamp enrollment. 2:30 PM Group Voter Registration for Undocumented Immigrants. 4:00 PM Opening Flag Burning Ceremony Sponsored by CNN 4:15 PM Address on […]

  • National Primary Your Congressman Day

    Not sure what day is “National Primary Your Congressman Day”, so we’ll make it today. At all levels of governance, if you believe your city, county, state, country are headed in the wrong direction, your jobs three: Find the name of the incumbents Educate your neighbors Vote them out in the Primary. …that is, if you still believe […]

  • Voter Id

    FROM FRIEDA’S DESK…. We all have heard about the need for Voter ID at the polling places. I have worked elections since 2010 and I appreciate the benefit of having proper government issued picture identification at the polling place. I will communicate more information about this topic in the coming weeks/months. In the meantime, I […]

  • Help CNN With Debate Questions For Tonight’s Debate

    CNN is looking for help w/ questions for the Democrat debate. Their unbiased, crack, fair and balanced staff has come up with: What’s your favorite reality show? How cool is it to be as cool as you are? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? When you become president, will you fly in a jet fighter? […]

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