• Austin Chambers

    Political savant Austin Chambers is a young man you should keep your eye on. Mr. Chambers is the 21 year old campaign manager who now serves as senior adviser to Governor-elect Eric Greitens. He guided the political newcomer to victory in the primary and general elections. Chambers is now said to be steering the transition process. […]

  • Missouri workers won on Election Day

      Missouri workers have been denied that freedom for decades, and new leadership in Jefferson City can make sure the “right to work” becomes enshrined in our state law. Currently, all Missourians are required by law to pay union dues if they take a job at a unionized business. Regardless of whether workers agree with […]

  • Make Missouri an Exemplar of Economic Freedom

    We won the Governor’s Mansion! That is…a man who ran as a conservative outsider will be Missouri’s Governor in January 2017. So why do I say we? Simple. As a general election candidate, Eric Greitens promised to sign right-to-work, tort reform, judicial selection reform, education reform, tax reform, ethics reform, and deregulation. That mirrors our […]

  • Override Him (again)

    Veto Session is here. On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, Missouri’s General Assembly will gather once again under the dome for the express purpose of overriding Governor Jay Nixon’s vetoes of legislation passed by both chambers during this year’s legislative session. They have already made Governor Nixon the most overridden governor in Missouri history during past […]

  • Our choice

    Last Tuesday Missourians voted in the 2016 Primary Election for Governor. 683,523 Missouri Republicans cast their ballot to select a nominee. Conversely 324,360 Democratic voters cast their ballots to do the same. Eric Greitens emerged from the Republican contest victorious, achieving 236,250 votes or 34.56% of the vote. His challenge is to earn the vote […]

  • Eric Greitens’ Shocking Revelation Could Shatter People’s Faith

    Original Post: Eric Greitens’ Shocking Revelation Could Shatter People’s Faith.

    Were you shocked when you learned that Navy SEAL, author, humanitarian, and charity founder, Eric Greitens, was born and raised and voted Democrat? I was. Sure, I’d heard the rumors. […]

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