• Austin Chambers

    Political savant Austin Chambers is a young man you should keep your eye on. Mr. Chambers is the 21 year old campaign manager who now serves as senior adviser to Governor-elect Eric Greitens. He guided the political newcomer to victory in the primary and general elections. Chambers is now said to be steering the transition process. […]

  • Ryan Johnson analyzes Missouri’s gubernatorial campaign

    With a week before Election Day Ryan Johnson breaks down the latest polling and provides analysis for Eric Greitens (R) vs. Chris Koster (D) in the nation’s top tier gubernatorial contest in his weekly appearance on Mornings with Nick Reed on Springfield’s News Radio 104.1 FM KSGF. Tune in every Monday from 7:30 AM – […]

  • Override Him (again)

    Veto Session is here. On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, Missouri’s General Assembly will gather once again under the dome for the express purpose of overriding Governor Jay Nixon’s vetoes of legislation passed by both chambers during this year’s legislative session. They have already made Governor Nixon the most overridden governor in Missouri history during past […]

  • Why I’m Voting for Eric Greitens

    This was supposed to be a longer post, so I’ll tell you why I’m voting for Eric Greitens in a minute. First, why I have to cut it short. I got home from door knocking for Eric at about 6:30 and walked straight to my laptop to write. Just as I sat down, my wife […]

  • Ryan Johnson on Governor and Congressional Races

    What does the latest poll say about the gubernatorial race?
    How will the recent NRA endorsements come into play?
    How are some of our congressional races shaping up and what are their Heritage Foundation scores?

  • Gubernatorial Straw Poll Results

    Jefferson City, MO – Missouri Alliance for Freedom today released the results of a Missouri Republican Gubernatorial Straw Poll that began January 4 and ran through January 15. A total of 873 Missourians voted in the online straw poll casting their unofficial vote for their choice in the GOP Governor’s Primary Election. After eleven days […]

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