• Who Gets the Credit Matters Most

    Reading Time: 2 minutesSome people on the right say they won’t vote for Trump. Those people list various reasons, mostly about his demeanor and things he’s said in the past. They think who gets the credit is more important than what gets done. We all know people like that, don’t we? Most of those NeverTrumpers were okay with …

  • A Catholic Priest Eviscerates Childish NeverTrumpers

    Reading Time: 3 minutes  Outcomes. NeverTrumpers seem to believe that the act of voting is a sort of magic spell that can right all past wrongs. Psychologists call this “magical thinking.” Children do it. Magical thinking is the belief that we can change the outside world with our thoughts. Think of rain dances and crossed fingers. Or, as …

  • #NeverTrump Self Immolation Over Trusty Ted Cruz

    Reading Time: 3 minutesThis is for the people, like me, who realized sometime between June 2015 and June 2016 that Donald Trump is at least better than Hillary and possibly a transformational character who can reverse America’s descent into chaos. “A leader is a man who can adapt principles to circumstances.” – General George Patton Jr You might …

  • Magical Thinking

    Reading Time: 5 minutesYou might wonder why I’m thinking about magic so much. What if you let yourself think about magic for a moment? Your mind can make all kinds of connections. It’s as if your mind takes you on a journey inside when you think about magic. When you hear “magic,” you instantly feel like a kid, …

  • How NeverTrump Promotes Race Violence

    NeverTrumpers who don’t cross over stand to get a lot of blood on their hands. I’m not the only one noticing. If anything, I’m understating the case. Now we know: to be anti-Trump is to be pro-abortion and pro-race war. To be anti-Trump is to support violence against police officers, especially white police officers. That’s because Hillary is all those things, and to be anti-Trump is, logically, to be pro-Hillary. (If they both live until January 20, either Clinton or Trump will be the next president. No one else has a chance.) And, now, someone else has the guts to agree with me.

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  • Hot Dripping Gift Only for Anti-Trump

    READ THIS ALONE: Are you anti-Trump? You’re going to like this. A lot. While you read this post, you’re going experience bliss and ecstasy. Have you ever read an orgasmic blog post? You will, and you’ll like it. Like it so deeply. Very deep and very satisfying. This will become your favorite blog post ever. You’ll probably bookmark it. Maybe even email it to yourself. You’ll love it.

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