North Korea

  • Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario in North Korea

    You wake up and nothing works. No electricity. No cell phone or land line. No radio. No electric tooth brush. No internet or cable. No laptop. No tablet. Car: nothing. What happened? No, it’s not a scene from the Twilight Zone. It’s the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse attack. EMP for short. An EMP attack […]

  • War & Tariffs: What to do about North Korea

    Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you think about geopolitics at all, you know North Korea poses many problems for its neighbors. And for the United States. And for the whole world. If we take attack North Korea militarily, over a million South Koreans will die. Along with a lot of Americans on ships and on land over there. Nobody […]

  • Democrats Ruin the World (f-bombs included!)

    Reading Time: 2 minutesPicture this. Every time you leave your teenage kids home alone for a weekend, you come back to stink-eyes from your neighbors, a living room that’s a sea of empty beer cans, a yard filled with cigarette butts, and a pregnant cat. Pretty soon, you’d stop leaving those kids to their own devices, wouldn’t you? If […]

  • North Korea Ramps Up Nuclear Program While Josh Earnest Embarrasses Himself

    Good news!  North Korea started up its atomic bomb fuel production plants.  Oh, and they want everyone to know they are crazy enough to start lobbing these things: The secretive state said it is fully ready to use nuclear weapons against the United States “and other hostile forces” at any time if they “persistently seek their reckless hostile […]

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