• Stan Kroenke’s Long Con Has Just Started

    Reading Time: 3 minutesYou thought Stan Kroenke wanted a team in Los Angeles? I don’t think so. I think Stan is playing a long con. And I think it’s a brilliant strategy. Los Angeles is a terrible market for football teams, but it’s a fantastic market for the NFL. It would be a perfect place to build a […]

  • Nixon’s Stadium Deal Too Big to Fail?

    The economic numbers coming in give us reason to be optimistic. We see growth in personal earnings and a drop in unemployment. Even accounting for the Obama Administration’s disappointments, we are making steps in the right direction. Unfortunately, our economic recovery and future growth may only be a series of very small steps instead of […]

  • Kroenke’s Brilliant Move

    Original Post: Kroenke’s Brilliant Move.

    I figured it out about the same time Ben Hochman of the Post Dispatch did: Stan Kroenke wrote a letter designed to force the owners to move the Rams to Los Angeles right now. The acrimony created by Kroenke’s relocation request letter makes the situation in St. Louis untenable for the team and its owner….

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  • MDFB Approves Taxpayer Funded Credits For Stadium

    Today the Missouri Development Finance Board approved $15 million in taxpayer-funded tax credits ($50 million total over next three years) for the proposed Saint Louis stadium. The MDFB approved the tax credits even though the proposal is in two separate court cases. Rep Barnes pointed out the legislature is unlikely to allow bond payments to […]

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