Monthly Archives: April 2019

  • Easter and the Mueller Report

    I write this on Easter Sunday, 2019, and the secular world, particularly the anti-Christian secular world, is losing its mind again.
    This time, the left’s insanity arises from the final report of the special investigator, Robert Mueller, into all…

  • New Mass by the Numbers

    I prefer the Latin Mass of 1962 (and a thousand years before) for at least 12 reasons listed here. My last reason for loving the Latin Mass (which I failed to list in that blog post) seems important: how American Catholicism has changed since the incep…

  • Chelsea, Meet Stoicism

    Donald Trump’s triumph in the 2016 election drove Chelsea Handler into a depraved descent. Weed and depression. Psychiatrists. Broken.
    Not because of anything that happened to her. She didn’t lose her home. No one close to her died because …

  • Rex the Libertarian Tyrant

    I want to take over the world and leave everybody alone
    –Libertarian Motto
    Rex Sinquefield graduated from Bishop DuBourg High School and he’s supposedly something of a libertarian. That’s about all we have in common.
    Rex left St. Loui…

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