Monthly Archives: August 2021

  • Why waste words: Come on man – Resign

    I’m not seeing the need to waste too many words:Joe Biden brings a dishonorable end to America’s longest warEx-military officers call for Austin, Milley to resign over Afghanistan debacle resign[rəˈzīn]VERBvoluntarily leave a job or other position.”h…

  • Taiwan Next Domino to Fall

    Failure has consequences.
    When a great empire fails spectacularly, as the United States failed on its Afghanistan exit, enemies take note. Our enemies include China and Iran.
    What China and Iran saw in Afghanistan was a weak giant unable to execute an …

  • Biden on Permanent Vacation

    Expect Joe Biden to resign or be declared unfit under the 25th Amendment before Labor Day.
    Last Thursday, I got the sense that Biden would not return from his two-week vacation.
    There was a certain air of defeat and resignation in his demeanor. I can&r…

  • Americans have property in America. Or not.

    Why have I not had anything to say about the ‘Infrastructure Bill’ (which considers requiring Breathalyzers in new cars, to be part of ‘infrastructure’) or Biden’s CDC ’60-day eviction moratorium’ (AKA: elimination of private property)? Why bother pret…

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