• Taiwan Next Domino to Fall

    Failure has consequences.
    When a great empire fails spectacularly, as the United States failed on its Afghanistan exit, enemies take note. Our enemies include China and Iran.
    What China and Iran saw in Afghanistan was a weak giant unable to execute an …

  • Biden on Permanent Vacation

    Expect Joe Biden to resign or be declared unfit under the 25th Amendment before Labor Day.
    Last Thursday, I got the sense that Biden would not return from his two-week vacation.
    There was a certain air of defeat and resignation in his demeanor. I can&r…

  • Sir Martin Rees and His Thousand-Dollar Bet

    Sir Martin Rees is the former Astronomer Royal of Britain. We probably need to establish his scientific credentials no further.
    In 2002, Sir Martin wrote in chapter six of his book, Our Final Hour: How terror, error, and environmental disaster threaten…

  • Vaccine Passports and Tributes to Pagan Gods

    Dying empires fight hard to control the threats surrounding them. Like wounded beasts, they lash out at anything within their reach.
    So it was that, amidst a century of decline, the Roman emperor Decius decided to end the Christian problem once and for…

  • The 4 Archetypes of Totalitarian Eras

    This post is a follow-up to This Is What Will Happen, and I Don’t Know How I Know These Things. Jump to end for movie recommendation that inspired this post.
    Would you have resisted and defied the Nazis if you’d lived in Germany in the 1930…

  • I don’t know how I know these things

    You might think I’m all doom and gloom. You might think I’ve given up.
    You’d be wrong, but partially right.
    America is doomed.
    If you want me to say, “America’s best days are ahead of us,” you’ll be disappointe…

  • This Is What Will Happen

    This Is What Will Happen
    What I have to say will not sit well with you. It will not sit well because you have already felt it yourself. You hope that feeling is wrong, that you are misinterpreting it.
    I am here to tell you, the sick feelings and your i…

  • A Hill to Die On

    The only hill worth dying on is Calvary.
    Forty-eight hours from the time I sat down to write, Christendom commemorates a very special Passover meal. The one, by our calendar, in 33 anno Domini.
    Add another 16 hours and you are at the hour when the God-…

  • The End of America

    In six years, the present-day United States will find itself in one of three conditions:
    Marxist-totalitarian dictatorship masquerading as the United States. Dystopian failed state in a perpetual civil war. At least three distinct countries are functi…

  • Should I Wear a Mask

    Go ahead and wear a mask, especially if a merchant requires you to, or if not wearing a mask will cause someone undue anxiety. It’s charitable.
    Also, if you’re highly active (get out a lot), you should probably wear a mask and wash your han…

  • Cuomo Reaches 48th Place on Genocide List

    NEW YORK—New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home genocide passed the Chittagong Hill Tracts genocide of 1977 to take sole possession of 48th place in the all-time genocide list, according to Genocide Watch International. Cuomo is now only 3…

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