• Sunlight Kills Coronavirus

    An expert is someone who can’t be fired for being wrong about everything 100 percent of the time.
    You can call that Hennessy’s Law, and Coronavirus is proving this law iron clad. Iron clad.
    The latest confirmation of Hennessy’s Law just completed.
    In M…

  • Open Offices Covid Casualty

    Coronavirus could wipe out the open office floor plan as quickly and decisively as it wiped out many corporate bottom lines.
    Companies that move to an open office cite two benefits for the design:
    Cost savings by cramming more people into a given amo…

  • A Nation Wrongfully Imprisoned

    When we learn that someone behind bars was wrongfully convicted, what is the minimum moral thing to do?
    Thanks to DNA testing, hundreds, if not thousands, of wrongfully convicted people have been set free in recent years. When I read the stories of the…

  • America Is on the Verge of Depression

    The Congressional Budget Office release a report yesterday (April 24, 2020) that expects our response to Coronavirus will wipe out 40 percent of the US economy and throw 27 million Americans into long-term unemployment. We could see unemployment rates …

  • Twitter and YouTube Reject Science

    Why would YouTube and Twitter executives attack an innovative biotech company?
    Hatred. Pure, unadulterated hate.
    Nothing but raging emotion can explain why both YouTube and Twitter went on the offensive against the biotech company AYTU Healight this we…

  • Is America Approaching Herd Immunity?

    Models failed. Miserably.
    The IHME models the CDC used as their primary source to justify the destruction of President Trump’s beautiful economy turned out to be no better than guesses from three drunks at a bar. The IHME factored in strict mitig…

  • Doctor Benway Doctor Fauci

    I wish I had never read the book Naked Lunch. Once in a while, though, having read it comes in handy.
    A Gateway Pundit story about Dr. Anthony Fauci reminded me of something from Naked Lunch.
    Dr. Benway is the chief antagonist of that wretched book. He…

  • Who’s the Villain of the USS Roosevelt?

    People like clean storylines with an obvious, likable hero and a sinister, hateable villain.
    When real life tells us a story, our minds will mold the facts to fit our desired storylines. In other words, we will create a hero and a villain for every sto…

  • Survivors Will Envy the Dead

    What kind of world will emerge from the coronavirus shutdown?
    People have gleefully surrendered amazing new powers to governments. We have erected barriers between ourselves and all other humans on the planet. We have surrendered all of our rights, inc…

  • Why Should I Believe You?

    Someone sent me a video. The video shows a doctor explaining how coronavirus is worse than the flu. Should we believe him?
    I say, no. And the reasons we should not believe this doctor about the relative dangers of two diseases have nothing to do with m…

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