• Stan Kroenke’s Long Con Has Just Started

    Reading Time: 3 minutesYou thought Stan Kroenke wanted a team in Los Angeles? I don’t think so. I think Stan is playing a long con. And I think it’s a brilliant strategy. Los Angeles is a terrible market for football teams, but it’s a fantastic market for the NFL. It would be a perfect place to build a […]

  • You Don’t Hear “Big Data” Much Anymore, And For That I’m Thankful

    Reading Time: 4 minutesThis is about Big Data. You really can’t over-estimate what suckers business people are. I’m not talking about people who create things or improve things. Guys like Steve Jobs and Donald Trump built great businesses. But they weren’t business people. They were builders. Running a business was a necessary evil that allowed them the freedom […]

  • In defense of freedom

    Introduction We are surrounded and outnumbered in defense of your religious freedom, but that is how we prefer to fight! The Religious Freedom Amendment (SJR39) protects religious belief concerning marriage of two individuals of the same sex or gender. The Amendment is neutral, meaning that it protects religious beliefs about marriage no matter what your […]

  • 2016 Could Be a Very Bad Year

    Original Post: 2016 Could Be a Very Bad Year.

    People act according to what they expect. And that, my friends, could be very bad news for the economy in 2016. Social psychologists and usability experts both know that people’s words often conflict with their actions. This is especially true when asking people to predict their own behavior in a hypothetical. For example, one study…

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  • What Is Leadership?

    Original Post: What Is Leadership?.

    Many of you loved Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TEDx talk. I love the way Simon Sinek thinks. It’s no surprise, then, that his TED Talk on leadership could be the greatest definition of leadership I’ve ever heard. Please watch and share. I have some thoughts and a poll following. Contrasts give greater clarity. Sinek’s…

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