Civil War Series

  • Civil War: Chapter Twelve

    Reading Time: 4 minutesRoger crashed into his office. His sanctuary. It was only two fifteen, but he wanted a drink. Calls first. He pulled out is cell phone and decided to call the cop again. But the phone buzzed in his hand before he could find the number. “Hello,” Roger said. “Hi, Mr. Thompson? This is Amanda Mateo, […]

  • Civil War: Chapter Eleven

    Reading Time: 4 minutesRoger Thompson had completed his checklist. He’d learned from Jack Murphy, his friend and attorney, that the police sergeant seemed cooperative. With his tasks out of the way, he knew it was time to deal with his wife, Natalie. Natalie and Roger didn’t see eye to eye politically. Natalie described herself as a progressive. Even […]

  • Civil War: Chapters Nine and Ten

    Reading Time: 8 minutesChapter Nine “Elizabeth, I’m going to be out of the building the rest of the day. You have my cell. Vice-principal Johnson is in his office.” Elizabeth had a mouthful of Goldfish and could only grunt. But she wrote a note herself and nodded furiously at her boss. Nancy Flanders left the building. Forty-two minutes […]

  • Civil War: Chapter Eight

    Reading Time: 3 minutesNancy Flanders sat perfectly still. Amanda Mateo fidgeted and rocked. Between lay a false statement and a pen. Amanda spoke. “I won’t sign that. I’ll write my own report. I should have spoken to the police yesterday. I’ll write my statement and give it you right now. But I’m not signing that,” pointing toward the […]

  • Civil War: Chapters Six and Seven

    Reading Time: 3 minutesChapter Six “Evan, this is Roger.” “How’s it going? Where are you?” “I’m at home. Listen, I’m going to have to use a sick day today.” “Everything okay?” “Not really. It’s a long story. David got beat up pretty bad yesterday at school. In school,” Roger said. “Well, hell. Sorry to hear that. Don’t worry about […]

  • Civil War: Chapters Four and Five

    Reading Time: 6 minutesChapter Four “Elizabeth, tell Amanda I need to see her on her planning hour.” Nancy Flanders’ assistant, Elizabeth Schneider, nodded her head, scribbled a note, and continued eating her bagel dripping with pineapple cream cheese and strawberry jam. Flanders returned to her office and closed the door. She sat and snatched the receiver from he […]

  • Civil War: Chapter Three

    Reading Time: 2 minutesRoger, David, and Natalie, drove home from the hospital in relative silence. It was already dark at six-thirty. Traffic was still snarled as drivers got used to the end of daylight savings. When they arrived home, David went to his bedroom and Natalie followed. The post-concussion protocol called for lots of rest, no electronics, and […]

  • Civil War: Chapter Two

    Reading Time: 3 minutesRoger pulled into the parking garage near St. Mary’s Hospital. Midday, the garage was packed. Roger parked on the roof and sprinted to the stairs. He crossed the short bridge to the third-floor reception area and approached the desk. “I’m Roger Thompson. My son David was brought here,” he said. The woman at the desk […]

  • Note On “Civil War” Series

    Reading Time: 1 minutesYou might have noticed “Civil War: Chapter One” here on Hennessy’s View. You may not have realized this is fiction. You might also not realize that chapter one means there’s more to come. I will release a new chapter every other day. Sometimes I might release two chapters at once because some chapters might be too […]

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