• Forty Years of Emergency Powers Unmasked

    Hey, Coronavirus Emergency, am I right? ♪♫ My Corona!♫♪ Yep, everyone’s just stunned to death about the unprecedented assault upon their rights… yehhh… about that. It’s tough to find a recent report that does more than throw Trumpasms, but this art…

  • MONA – Defending Your Rights Away

    The Kansas City Star has done a good job of smearing Missouri activist Ron Calzone over his opposition to a proposed bill ‘that would add protections for LGBTQ Missourians’. But whatever you might think of Ron or his reasoning on this, what you really …

  • How to Neuter a Crossing Guard

    Reading Time: 5 minutesThis is for my conservative friends who are celebrating the healthcare bill’s demise. You’ll want to read it all. Let’s begin with a little story about a crossing guard. Imagine you are standing at a dangerous intersection now. Cars whizzing by nonstop in all 4 directions. You feel powerless and frustrated. There are no structural safeguards, […]

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